Johns Creek, GA

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Historical Sites around Johns Creek, GA

Morris Road on Old Morris Road, Milton, GA
The Morris Family Cemetery is located off of Morris Road on Old Morris Road. Read More
Intersection of Morris Road and Deer Trail, Milton, GA
The Webb Family Cemetery is alleged to be located in the vicinity of the intersection of Morris Road and Deer Trail. Read More
201 Wills Road, Alpharetta, GA
An Unforgettable Experience Honoring Those Who Will Never Be Forgotten.The only one of its kind in Georgia, this memorial represents conflicts from... Read More
Hopewell Road and Brookshade Parkway, Milton, GA
Alpharetta North Park on Cogburn Road, Milton, GA
The Saint Aidan's Episcopal Church Cemetery is located by Alpharetta North Park on Cogburn Road. There are no burials, but there ashes from cremati... Read More
2655 Bethany Bend, Milton, GA
The community takes its name from Bethany Baptist Church. Constituted on December 27, 1850, the church was significant in the settlement of the are... Read More
Bethany Church Road, Milton, GA
Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery is located off of Bethany Church Road. Read More
Intersection of Bethany Oaks Pointe and Hopewell Road, Milton, GA
Emerson Cemetery is located off the intersection of Bethany Oaks Pointe and Hopewell Road. All that remains of this cemetery is an old iron fence.&... Read More
2055 Bethany Way, Milton, GA
Charles B. Hagood, an entrepreneur in Milton County, built the Hagood Store at the turn of the 20th Century. This brick structure housed a milliner... Read More
13850 Hopewell Road, Milton, GA
The Dangar-Fowler house is an example of practical preservation. The original farm house dates from approximately 1890. Freitus and Bessie Dangar p... Read More
13775 Brittle Road, Milton, GA
Atlanta physician John Walker (1902-1977) purchased a 500-acre farm here in the 1930s. The barn was built in the late 19th century. Originally, the... Read More
810 Mayfield Road, Milton, GA
Joel Jackson (J.J.) Rucker (1880-1960) founded the Rucker Cotton Seed Company and subsequently built a cotton gin at this location, circa 1930. Far... Read More
Mid Broadwell Road and Mayfield Road, Milton, GA
The Crabapple Cemetery is located just east of Charlotte Drive between Mid Broadwell Road and Mayfield Road. Read More
755 Mayfield Road, Milton, GA
Circa 1837. James Dorris (1801-1877) moved to Crabapple from South Carolina around 1834. In 1836 he purchased a 40-acre lot for $65. Dorris, with C... Read More
1865 Redd Road, Milton, GA
This iconic barn was built in 1890 and owned by Joe and Patsy Dinsmore. The Dinsmores raised cotton, corn, and vegetables on their 150 acres around... Read More
12680 Crabapple Road, Milton, GA
The Cantrell and Nallie Reese house was built in 1912 by the Reese family. Cantrell was the son of Ervin and Ann Devore Reese. Nallie was the daugh... Read More
950 Forrest Street 2nd floor, Roswell, GA
MissionThe Roswell Historical Society is committed to collecting, preserving, sharing, and promoting the rich history of the city of Roswell and it... Read More
Redd Road by the Hopewell Road Intersection, Milton, GA
The Jameson Family Cemetery is located on Redd Road by the Hopewell Road intersection. Read More
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