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Historical Sites around Canton, GA

Intersection of Arnold Mill Road and Hickory Flat Highway, Milton, GA
The Adams Family Cemetery is located just south of the intersection of Arnold Mill Road and Hickory Flat Highway. This is the resting place for Mil... Read More
13725 Arnold Mill Road, Milton, GA
Circa late 1830s, homestead of Brigadier General and State Senator Eli McConnell and his wife Savilla Garrison. This house was one of the first in ... Read More
Hickory Flat Road and Old Bullpen Road, Milton, GA
The Birmingham Baptist Church Cemetery is located off of Hickory Flat Road and Old Bullpen Road. Read More
Taylor Road by Taylor Glen Road, Milton, GA
The Darter Chapel Cemetery is located on Taylor Road by Taylor Glen Road. This Cemetery is associated with the Birmingham United Methodist Church. Read More
15800 Birmingham Highway, Milton, GA
Formerly known as the Old Birmingham Hotel, the building was constructed by Thomas B. Newton, Jr. around 1865. It originally stood next to Hickory ... Read More
Birmingham Road by the Henderson Road Intersection, Milton, GA
The Byrd Family Cemetery is located on Birmingham Road by the Henderson Road intersection. Read More
1150 Birmingham Road, Milton, GA
Circa 1896. Early in the 20th Century, this house was owned by William Henry (Will) Nix (1886-1953) and Clara Maddox Nix. Clara was the daughter of... Read More
Birmingham Road intersection off of Cemetery Road, Milton, GA
Boiling Springs Primitive Baptist Church is located west of the Freemanville Road and Birmingham Road intersection off of Cemetery Road. Read More
1200 Birmingham Road, Milton, GA
A Primitive Baptist Church in the Milton, Georgia area. Meets every Sunday Morning at 10:30am and every Tuesday Night at 6:00pm. Read More
Cox Road and Ebenezer Road Intersection, Milton, GA
Union Primitive Baptist Cemetery is located close to the Cox Road and Ebenezer Road intersection. Read More
12890 Arnold Mill Road, Roswell, GA
“About” EbenezerEbenezer Cemetery is a lovely country cemetery located on what is now one of the busiest corners in the Milton/Roswell,... Read More
Birmingham Road, Milton, GA
About Us:The Milton Fields Cemetery is the newest cemetery in Milton and was established in 2009. It is located on Birmingham Road. Read More
14500 Providence Road, Milton, GA
Providence is a Baptist congregation who welcomes all ages to learn about and serve our Lord, Jesus Christ. Providence is active in the community w... Read More
14250 Providence Road, Milton, GA
The settlement of Social Hill grew around the 1834 establishments of Providence Baptist Church and a local post office. This site became an active ... Read More
14090 Freemanville Road, Milton, GA
This clapboard house was built in 1899 by Willis Cass Tucker, Jr., and his wife Dealphia Jane Wheeler on an original 40-acre land lot from the 1832... Read More
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