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Major Andre Monument

Andre Monument marks the site where the British spy was hanged and buried in 1780 during the American Revolution.  It is a large granite monument located on a 20' by 20' plot enclosed by a wrought iron fence.


Property conveyed to the County in 1983 by the American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society.  The monument was constructed in 1879 by millionaire Cyrus W.  Field to mark the spot of Andre's death and burial.  Major John Andre, of the British army, along with the American traitor, Benedict Arnold had conspired together in a plot to betray the fort at West Point.  After being caught behind American lines, Andre was taken to Tappan and held at the 76 house, which still exists.  Arnold escaped and fled to safety behind the British lines.  With General George Washington nearby, Andre was convicted of spying and hanged October 2, 1780.
The monument caused quite a bit of controversy when it was first constructed.  It was vandalized, and then had its base blown up twice by persons who felt that a monument to a British spy was an insult to Washington.  For this reason a bronze tablet was later added to commemorate the bravery of Washington and his generals during a crisis of the war.

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