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Historic Chester Business Association

Historic Chester Business Association
Post Office Box 320

The Historic Chester Business Association (HCBA) is a non-profit organization representing over 50+ businesses in Chester, NJ. Our mission is to promote business growth, foster the overall economic climate in the community and work closely with our members, local government, landlords and residents to build a prosperous quality of life.

Our key objectives are to:

- Retain existing businesses and help them prosper.

- Attract new and repeat business for our members throughout the year.

- Produce seasoned events that draw thousands of visitors to Chester each year.

- Design and implement effective promotional campaigns focused on generating foot traffic, and preserving Chester's image as a unique, home-town shopping and dining destination.

- Provide opportunities for businesses to grow, thrive and be a part of bringing about positive change within the business community.

- Identify and recruit long-term sustainable businesses.

- Partner with all major stakeholders within Chester (landlords, tenants and Mayor/Council) to ensure  a viable, healthy downtown community.

Established in 1975, the HCBA sponsors a multitude of fun and lively public events throughout the year, including one of the largest craft shows in the nation, an annual Classic Car Show, a family-oriented Harvest Celebration, and a number of exciting attractions throughout the holiday season. These events, as well as Chester's sprawling farms, lush green parks and pictorial scenery, continue to attract visitors from points far and wide.

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